The Moon and The Boy

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Black night arrived, turned into a black earth.
Huge round moon rises in the mood, round moon lit the space.
Black Omo, not totaling going on the auditorium of things.
A little boy in the grass at night, and his pet dog to do its stuff, completely attractive puppies.
Try this topic yet again soon.
Cobo Themes are designed for
Cobo Launcher
What do Cobo Themes have?

Unique Widgets
- Best designed widgets on each home screen,with functions like clock, weather, battery, calendar etc.

Stunning Wallpaper
- Carefully selected wallpaper for every theme: animals, anime, beach, cars, cute, universe, flowers, love, nature, photography, sports, designs.

Uniform Icons
- Customized icons for popular apps, such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Pandora, eBay, Google+, Amazon, Instagram, Hangouts and so on.

Special Icon Frame
- Beautify all your icons once and for all.
All you need to do is to
Tap Once, and Beautify All
stuff on your phone.
Could a theme be customized?
Of course, you can customize almost everything on your home screens.
☆Long press and get into LAYOUT page to change grid and icon size.
☆Long press and get into WALLPAPERS to customize your favorite wallpaper.
☆Tap into Cobo Theme to choose ICON PACKS and other themes you like.
Our users really enjoy Cobo Launcher:
Lucas Conti: Less is more, the wallpaper is beautiful and simple. Beautiful launcher.
Julia De Deus: Amazing app that will change your lifestyle
Marica Maione: That is a smart app that can alter icons and cell phone home screen, make it very comfortable.
Javed Hasan: Best ever launcher I have seen At least found a launcher which work perfectly on my moto g, neat, clean and most amazing thing that no ads. As an android developer i would like to say to cobo developer team "good job, you really developed a good thing, keep it up.
Main Characters:
- 500+ themes meet all kinds of needs
- Here you’ll get every festival subject. Even we have some special outfits similar to deluxe watches, sport cars, old school radios, or other mechanical styles. You can change themes and home screens along with the mood.
- Smooth and quick operation
- just one tap on your android phone, totally transform user interface. Only 1 click to start up this app. No worry about the using complexity at all.
- Multifunctional widget
- clock, calendar, and weather information according to your current location. Although home screen is already set previously, every single widget is replaceable and changeable with different types.
Find us:
- Email (
- Google + (
- Facebook (



Version: 2.1

Requires: Android4.1 or later


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